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Hanno scritto di Satisfiction: quotidiani




Dopo aver letto Satisfiction sono andato a ripendere i tuoi pezzi su Saviano ed effettivamente sei stato profetico , complimenti ancora


Piedone lo Sbirro è stato diretto non da Carlo Vanzina ma dal padre, Stefano Vanzina, meglio conosciuto come Steno! Non confondiamo la cioccolata con ciò che cioccolata non è!!


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I just successfully backed up Undead and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants using Taiyo Yuden media. I'll be working on Unleashed and Kicking & Screaming shortly. I don't have Kingdom of Heaven yet, but I should be getting it tomorrow. I picked up the unrated version of High Tension today at Walmart for $14.84. It was the only place that i know of that it was on sale. It wasn't on sale at Best Buy or Target. High Tension is an awesome movie. I saw it when it was in theaters.
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